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Welcome to our blog and many thanks for taking the time to visit!

We are somewhat scattered in approach.  Anne and I write novels for adults and for tweens and middle readers that are character driven and in whatever genre seems to fit the story — mainstream, mystery, suspense and fantasy.

We also take pictures and turn them into books or use them in our books for children.  We published  a book based on images of hearts that were made by accident out of paint or broken concrete or tar or any one of a number of things (Hearts (no flowers) Signs of Love in the Gritty City).  We published a book called  Picture Stones which is made up of photographs of stones with pictures on them that were just lying there on the beach until we happened to notice them and pick them up.  And then we did a middle reader book called Stone Faces that grew out of the fact that we had found a stone on the beach at Cape Cod.  That book has been published by MuseItYoung a division of MuseItUp Publishing in both digital formats and in paper.

So this is our approach — to stay aware of all  the things that are interesting and beautiful in the world and try our best to convey to all of our fellow citizens of the world just why we find them so interesting and beautiful.

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In case you are wondering where our approach has taken us  to date, here’s a partial list and links to all of our books so you can read a few pages.

Kenneth Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks
Authors of:
Picture Stones, (on the Apple iBookstore)