Monthly Archives: February 2014

Choosing a New Year’s Resolution

On New Years’ Eve, our deliberations about possible resolutions went something like this:


“Anne,” I said.  “I’m really having trouble coming up with one.  I think maybe I’m already perfect.”


“You’re not perfect, Ken.”


“Well, sometimes I’m deliberately not perfect so that I don’t bring down the wrath of the gods for vying with them for perfection.”


“You have nothing to fear from the gods on that score,” Anne said, sounding somewhat weary.




“Here’s a resolution for you,” Anne said.  “Try to stop thinking you’re so perfect.”


“Wow! Great idea, Anne.  And just in time.  It’s midnight! Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. Happy New Year!  And I hope we hold onto our resolutions a little better this year.”


“That will be a piece of cake for someone like me,” I said.  “Uh oh.”