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New York City in 1650 and 1823

Today we are starting a new category for our blog — Old New York — where you will find all sorts of photographs and prints and maps and anything else that we think is interesting about this weirdly wonderful city.

Let’s kick things off with a view of the New York waterfront, looking in from the East River back in 1650 when the place was still called Nieuw Amstrdam.  It’s a print that first appeared in a series of books that are now called Valentine’s Manuals, because Valentine was the name of the Clerk of the City of New York when these manuals first started appearing.

NY Scene 1

Next, let’s skip forward 175 years or so to 1823 for an image of the junction of Broadway and the Bowery at 17th Street, which is approximately where Union Square Park is today.  What would you give to be able to step into either of these pictures?

Bwy 17th 1823

We hope you enjoyed these.  We will be back!