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Winter Walk in Central Park

My daughter, Alice, and I went for a walk the other day in Central Park, just 24 hours after the blizzard that wasn’t of 2015.  It obviously wasn’t the biggest snow, ever, but it left a nice coat and brightened things up on Fifth Avenue.

Winter light 5thWe walked along the reservoir, which was partially covered with ice and snow.  We could see a lone hooded merganser diving for a meal in the remaining open water.  Then, continuing around the reservoir path, we happened to look back and experienced a bit of serendipity.

Rainbow2A rainbow, which, like all rainbows, I suppose, is only visible if you happen to be in the right position with regard to the light and water.  It reminded Alice of Brigadoon.  A nice metaphor.  There are rainbows around us that we are not seeing.  But that does not mean they are not there.

Moving on, we passed this snowman, who seemed to be sporting a punk style haircut and a punk style mustache.

Snowman PunkAnother snowman was  sitting serenely by the ball fields, waiting patiently for spring, I guess.

Snowman sitting

Before we knew it, the sun was setting, and it was time to go home.

CP Resv 12 2011