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Strange, and Not-So-Strange, Faces and Places

On Saturday evening the snow ended and on Sunday the temperature rose (thank God) and the city streets were a slushy mess with water everywhere and the wonderful sun reflecting brilliantly through the hazy air.

StreetAnd with the appearance of the sun, other strange beings began to emerge also (apart from the New Yorkers who had been staying inside to avoid frostbite for a solid week). The strange beings included the fellow below who was either an escapee from the fabulous Sixties or maybe a citizen of ancient Rome.  Not sure.

Being 2Then there was  this shadowy character, who seemed unhappy to be spotted skulking on Park Avenue.  Had he missed his cab?

Being 1And this guy was definitely not expecting photographers.  What do you suppose he was hiding?

Being 3Well. we made it over to the park where the snow was still white and almost wholesome looking.  But strange dudes and dudettes were there also.

Being 5This monster, reminiscent of Nessie, was rising through the ice of the reservoir.

Being 4But not all were sinister.  This cute young thing was just hanging out, smiling at everyone who passed, apparently happy to see the sun.

Oscar nomineeOf course, this being New York, there are always drama queens.  Rumor has it that this actress was  practicing her Oscar acceptance speech.

SnowmanAnd a snowman with the most colorful face ever.  Looks like some enterprising person used candy for the mouth and eyes.  Happy snowman!

Dancing treesAnd through it all, the cherry trees continued their wild dance!  They don’t care what time of year it is.  They hear their own music.

Afternoon 3But then the sun began to sink lower in the sky and the shadows lengthened.

Sunset 3The sky began to fill with color; first with gentle pastel shades.

Sunset 2Then the colors deepened as sunset approached.  To the west, the sky over the reservoir was a wonderful mix of clouds and blue sky.

Sunset 1To the south, the city skyline was outlined against feathered clouds.  Spirits rose among those standing by the reservoir fence, taking in the panorama.

Sunset 5Thank you for a very nice day!

Valentine’s Day Walk in the Snow


It seemed fitting that on Valentine’s Day the morning sky would be particularly red, with reflections upon reflections of various shades and intensities on the buildings and the sky.

Sunrise 02 14 15However, red sky in the morning also means that there is trouble brewing, and before the afternoon was over, snow was beginning.  When I first got to the park, the snow was very light. The reservoir path was completely covered with ice, but the coating of snow actually made the footing better.

CP Res 02 02 2015People seemed to know more than I did.  They had stayed home.  It was not long before the snow began to fall heavily and pelt away at uncovered faces on a stiff breeze.

CP Res 02 14 15Looking backward, visibility in the distance was diminished, making the dark shapes close by stand out.

CP Res 02 14 15 V


Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed walking in the snow, especially if I can be in a woods.  A park will do.  Just the sight of the brown reeds against the white snow and ice raises my mood.


CP Res 02 14 15 IIIICP Res 02 14 15weeds

Where is everybody?  It’s so nice out here?

CP Res 02 14 15 II

The north Gate House on the Reservoir seems like a place with secret passages and entrances and unexplained occurrences!

CP Res 02 14 15 III

There was some open water on the south side of the reservoir.  It was only a few yards wide and maybe fifty yards long, but I saw three hooded mergansers who were diving for food.  It was too far to see what they were eating, but they seemed to be doing very well.  MallardThis poor mallard was trying to find food by sticking her head into a crack in the ice.  When she emerged, she swallowed something.  I hope it wasn’t just ice.

Unfortunately, there was a report the next day of an American coot and a mallard both found dead on the ice.  An early spring is to be wished for.


For all of you who woke up this morning and discovered that it is Valentine’s Day and are now experiencing the sinking sensation of having no present for the one you love, hope has arrived!  For today only, you can download a copy of our book, Hearts (no flowers) Signs of Love in the Gritty City, send it or the link to the love of your life, and pretend you paid for it.  Here is the Dropbox link:

Or you can click on the photo montage below.  We hope you (and your love) enjoy it!