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Happy Spring!

Spring is finally here!  The ground is starting to warm up.  The rock faces, who have been sleeping away the winter are awakening. Some seem a little grumpy.

Rock FaceBut most people seem to be enjoying themselves, pouring into the park for various purposes, nearly oblivious to the beauty exploding around them.

English ElmThe dancing ladies who enlivened my trips to the Park during the winter snows have put on their very best finery and are dancing more gracefully than ever.

Dancing treesLike Orpheus, they can make the rocks smile…

Rock face 2And even laugh.

Rock face 3The magnolias and cherry trees compete with each other, it seems, and compete as well with the new buds of other trees, each of which has its own pastel to add.

Three treesWillow treeBow BridgeAltogether a very nice beginning.  Happy Spring!


New York Skyline

When we visit Cape Cod, we are able to see the sky almost entirely unobstructed by buildings and trees and I try to take pictures that convey the feeling of standing in the presence of such enormity. (Click on any picture to increase the size).

Sunset Sometimes I get lucky and a shape appears that suggests a story or simply seems a sign to those who care to look.

Thor HammersSometimes, we find an enormous picture inside a small stone.

30 Peaceful SunsetNew York City gives us a different perspective, since we always have the sky but the presence of buildings is inescapable.  But that is not always a bad thing.

west 1Sometimes they seem to be made for each other.

Northeast ContrastsAnd at other times, no matter how big the building and its intrusion, the sky wins, overwhelming the scene and reminding us  how very little we are.

Sunrise 12 27 14Touche sky, nature, God…

Another Winter Walk in the Snow

I’ve always enjoyed the snow.  It lifts my mood.

When I was a kid this may have been because it meant a day off from school or the chance to earn a few dollars shoveling sidewalks.  But, I also enjoyed long walks with the snow falling in the woods behind my house.  I still do. The difference now is that Central Park is my back yard.  And so I went out this past week while a gentle snow was falling.

English ElmThis is the English Elm that has graced us with its presence at the entrance to the Reservoir at 90th Street, just off Fifth Avenue.  It is one of my favorite trees, especially in winter and most especially when snow coats its branches.

Reservoir 4I am always surprised when the park is empty.  But I’m happy as well since I enjoy the solitude.  It is so very quiet!

Reservoir 3The snow is like a great fog that causes distant objects to disappear.  The ordinary path is transformed. Sight, sound, touch, taste — all the senses are affected.

Reservoir 1Layers of black and shades of gray (not that Gray!) and white are mesmerizing.  The mind drifts to favorite memories and to plans for the future!  The beauty of it invigorates.

Resevoir 2Of course, I can’t keep it all to myself!  People I pass seem friendlier in the snow, as if they know they share a secret.  Pssst.  Pass it on!

Rockefeller Park — Let Sleeping Stones Lie.

We went to Rockefeller Park yesterday because it was Alice’s birthday and we always try to take a walk somewhere nice on that special day.  The park is part of the old Rockefeller Estate and has paths that were originally intended for the carriages of the Rockefeller family but which are now open to all.  One of the paths is around a small lake.

Lake 1

I guess I should mention that it was the end of a rainy day, but the trees did not seem to mind at all.  Doesn’t this look like a ship with big colorful sails?

Lake 2 ship

Of course, what would a walking trip be without making the acquaintance of some of the spirits that inhabit the park, including the rocks along the way?

Face 1

They were generally very happy to make our acquaintance.

Face 2

But there were some exceptions.

Face 3

Some of the rocks were inhabited by more than one spirit, which made them a little bit schizophrenic .

Face 4 Plus

There are at least three faces in here.  One grumpy.  One mildly amused.  And one just plain irritated.

Face 5 Sleeping

And then there was this guy, who was sleeping so happily in the midst of an obviously pleasant dream that I could not stop myself from taking his picture.

Lake 3

All in all a beautiful day.

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. This is our first post.  We hope to have many more.

The question of the day is this: when a stone has a picture on it, who gets the credit?  Here we see a landscape with rocks in the foreground, waves crashing upon the rocks and sending up spray that is tossed by the wind, a curving shore in the background with a mountain rising from it, and the remnants of a sunset in a very cloudy sky.   Shouldn’t someone be applauded for such a beautiful piece before it is thrown back into the water?

Who is the painter?
Who is the painter?