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Ghouls of New York

We don’t only see images of people and animals in the sidewalks.  Sometimes we see ghouls as well.

Of course, not all ghouls are frightening.  Try as they might to scare us, we can’t help but laugh.  Sorry, guy.

Ghoul teeth


Sometimes, it seems as though you may have seen the image before.  This fellow reminded us of an unfortunate devil that Michelangelo might have painted onto the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or maybe a criminal sketched by Leonardo.

Ghoul after Michaelangelo (1 of 1)

But you have to be quick.  They don’t like to be spotted in the daylight.  They try to fly away as soon as they are spotted.


Ghould 5

This may look like a dog, but we’re pretty sure it’s a wolf — or maybe a dog devil.


Devil Dog

The ghouls sometimes pop up in the walls themselves, the way a nightmare will appear for no apparent reason.



In MIND ME MILADY, there is a ghoul in human form who is preying on the young women of the Upper East Side and who casts his gaze upon a new client of Eve Petersen.  Try a few pages.  See if you can put it down, and if you can read it after dark!




Pareidolia and Street Art — THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM

Pareidolia may be defined as the human tendency to find significance in random or vague stimuli.  Common examples would be seeing a face in the full moon or the image of Jesus in a burned piece of toast or an angel in the clouds. Leonardo Da Vinci was aware of the phenomena and thought that artists could develop the images seen in a wall of rocks or crumbling plaster and use them in their paintings.  Interesting guy, that Leonardo.

I had been taking pictures of this sort of thing for a long while before I learned the name for it.  Human faces, animals, and mythological creatures all abound on the streets and sidewalks of New York.  And if you want to believe that they actually are significant, if only because they bring a smile to your face, well, I don’t mind.

smiling 20 tri

Voila, if you see this as I do, you have turned a cigarette butt into an eye, a crack in cement into a mouth, a bit of white concrete into a set of slightly protruding teeth, and so on.  Are you smiling yet?

Face stone

This little guy was also a part of the sidewalk.  But rather than being a piece of concrete, he is a stone cut in half by some force unknown to me, only to leave this head, complete with fez.

Ghoul Professor

Sometimes the pareidolia are amusing.  I call this ghoul the Professor, because of his baleful stare and what look like spectacles on his nose.


And who can resist these lovers, cast forever in concrete, catching a kiss when they thought no one was looking!  Sorry guys.

Our Tween book THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM, contains people who also are not always as they appear, as well as shifting loyalties, issues of trust, voices that seem significant, all put together in a face-paced urban adventure set in New York City.  Check it out.  Read a few pages here,


Dogs of the New York City Sidewalks

I don’t actually own a dog. But I guess I like them a lot.  I tend to see them wherever I go in New York City, popping up in strange places.

Dog Paper

This self-assured little guy really grabbed my attention.  I told him that pink becomes him.

Dog Bloodhound

Of course, this bloodhound was equally confident, but for a different reason, I suspect.  He will track you down if you try any funny business.  Just give him a treat!

Dog Blue

And, what is more fun than a dog with a ball, jumping and snatching it out of the air without a care in the world.

Dog chewing

Occasionally, a dog just wants to chew on something.  I’m hoping that this was not someone’s leg.

Dog Rust

This is Rusty.  I know, he looks a little sad.  He just realized that his last doggy treat was eaten!

Dog in Window

And what can we say about a dog that has the good fashion sense to have a piece of greenery in his collar?  Has there ever been a dog that makes you want to love him more than this one?  I don’t think so.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of the dogs I have known on the streets of New York City.

When You’re Smiling …

I see faces.  I see them everywhere, including in trees and on the sidewalks.  Here are a few of them, dedicated to the proposition that a smile can make a person’s day, and with apologies to all of the artists who have sung this song so beautifully.

When you’re smiling …

Smile Cat

When you’re smiling …

Smiling 7

The whole world smiles with you!

Smiling 14

When you’re laughing …

Smiling 17

Oh when you’re laughing …

Tooty grin

The sun comes shining through!

smile profile

But when you’re crying …

Sad face (2 of 2)

You bring on the rain …

Pig angry

So stop your sighing, be happy again!

Smiling 16

Keep on smiling …Smiling 8

Cause when you’re smiling …


The whole world smiles with you!!!

Smiling 1

Take it away, somebody …