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A Review of A Way From Heart To Heart by Helena Fairfax

I first became acquainted with Helena Fairfax through her blog, which is one of the most consistently intelligent and interesting sites I have found on the internet. Based on her writing there, I just had to read one of her romance novels, something I rarely do. After all, who can resist Helena’s reasons for writing romances, which include her optimistic view of humanity? All that said, I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed A Way From Heart to Heart. Helena’s characters are as intelligent as she is, and you soon are rooting for Kate Hemingway, who has lost her photographer husband Stuart to a bomb in Afghanistan. Kate has been left with a young son and memories of the man who pulled her out of a tumultuous existence by recognizing both her outer and inner beauty. The title phrase, “a way from heart to heart” is from an Afghani saying, which recurs throughout the book as an ongoing motif. Stuart’s best friend, Paul, has maintained a relationship with Kate’s son, but has maintained an aloof reserve that makes Kate believe he does not think highly of her, partly because she has misgivings about herself and the life she had before Stuart discovered her. The novel is the story of the struggle of a man and a woman, linked by the chance circumstance of knowing Stuart, whose death has left a void in both lives. There is no easy answer here. Helena creates real people with real problems and real continuing struggles to do what is right for themselves and those they love. All this is set against the background of London and the Yorkshire moors, which are beautifully described. Even the minor characters will move you. What else could you ask for? Read and enjoy!Review of A Way From Heart To Heart by Helena Fairfax