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Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  And, since you are here, we also invite you to visit our blog at www.randh71productions.com/blog.  You will find the latest reviews of all of our novles. You will also find pictures of New York City, blogs about the stone faces of New York, street art, ghouls, and even a few walks in Central Park.  We also have posted some etchings of "Olde New York" from the Valentine's Manuals of various years.

If you like our books, the very best thing you can do is to please write a review and post the review on Amazon, Goodreads and any other reader website that you use. Of course, you might also tell a friend. :-)

Our author page on Facebook is here.  www.facebook.com/pages/Kenneth-Hicks-and-Anne-Rothman-Hicks/622272714477979

On March 8, 2016, Melange Books LLC is publishing our newest mystery novel, WEAVE A MURDEROUS WEB. The reviews are in and they are very positive! The main character is Jane Larson, who was also the main character in PRAISE HER, PRAISE DIANA. WEAVE A MUREROUS WEB is available on the Melange site and on Amazon, and many other sites as well.  It will be available in paper or as an ebook.  However, you wish to read it, we hope that you will leave a review. Even a one-sentence review is helpful to us and greatly appreciated.

PRAISE HER, PRAISE DIANA, also published by Melange Books, has been purchased by many libraries across the country, among them being the New York Public Library, our own neighborhood library. It is also available on Amazon here.  A print copy is available through Melange and Lulu, here.  The reviews are very positive so far.  It is a book that has something important to say about issues involving rape, sexual abuse and harassment. 

Our most recent middle reader novel is called
STONE FACES. This book is the first in a series featuring Alice and her friends. STONE FACES is set in New York City and Cape Cod. It is available in both paper and digital formats at MuseitUp and on Amazon.

Previously, our Tween novel THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM was published by MuseitYoung, a division of MuseItUp publishing in digital format.
  Soon it will also be available in paper format. It is available on Amazon here and on our publisher's website, here.

If you have not yet read our mainstream novel, KATE AND THE KID, we hope you will!  Kate and the Kid is available in print and digital versions on Amazon by clicking
here.  Or on Smashwords.  Also, please visit our publisher, Wings ePress, at its web site. Once you reach the website, you can find Kate and the Kid in the mainstream fiction section or by performing an author search under the letter "H".

We've added a section of this web site called "Accidental Art Gallery".  It is just what it sounds like -- a collection of images that were created by accident.  PICTURE STONES are beach stones that were picked up on the beaches of Cape Cod with "pictures" on them created either by glaciers and waves or both.  HEARTS and STREET ART are images that have been created by splatters of paint, dropped bubble gum, broken pavement, and God-only-knows what else that can be found on the streets of New York City.  We hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed finding and photographing them. 

A book made of the heart images is now available on the Apple iBookstore.  It is called HEARTS (no flowers) SIGNS OF LOVE IN THE GRITTY CITY.  It is a kind of Valentines Card from a city street perspective for friends and lovers everywhere.  We hope to have a kindle version available soon.

A year or so ago we published a book for 7 to 11 year old children called Mr. Happy Man.  We have rewritten that book and have added illustrations and even given it a new name -- STONE FACES.  It is the story of a ten-year-old girl named Alice during a time in her life when her parents are considering a divorce.  As a result of the tensions in the family, it seems to her that the faces of her parents and many of the people around her have turned to stone.  While visiting with her Aunt in Provincetown, Massachusetts and feeling lonely and sad, Alice finds a stone on the beach that looks like a laughing man.  When he talks to her, and after her initial surprise, she calls him Mr. Happy Man.  She soon learns that Mr. Happy Man and her friends can talk and love to play.  When another visitor to the beach picks up Mr. Happy Man and claims him as her own, Alice decides that she must steal him back and free him.  During the ensuing advanture, alice learns about the true meaning of friendship and love

We also have a new page on our website devoted to our MetroCard Holders.  We call them that because they are the perfect item to hold a MetroCard in New York City.  However, they are also perfect for holding credit and debit cards, "key" or access cards, and even folded cash.  I use mine for all of the above and rarely take my wallet out of my pocket anymore.  We have two metrocard holders made with New York themes -- Grand Central Station and carved stone faces from buildings around the city.  We also have one for Wellfleet and one for Provincetown on Cape Cod. If you would like to see them, click here.  They are $5.50 each (including postage) and are made of Tyvek so that they are almost impossible to tear.  We could do a custom MetroCard holder for you if you wish if you have pictures (e.g. grandchildren) that you would like to see every time you take out your metrocard or credit card.  Please contact us by clicking here.

In the arts/craft area, we hope you will enjoy looking at our jewelry and sculptures.  All of the stones came from the beaches of Cape Cod and usually from Herring Cove Beach.  Anyone who has collected beach stones knows that one of the problems is that they are prettiest when wet.  Once they have been in the sun awhile, people tend to wonder why they picked them up in the first place.  To keep the wet look, we have applied a clear sealant.  We don't do anything else to the stones except to sometimes drill a hole to connect the stone to a piece of wood or to allow it to hang from a necklace.  Their shapes and colors have been formed naturally by the action of glaciers and of the waves and tides.  They are not meant to be anything but what they are – pretty and sometimes very interesting stones.  Please don’t confuse them with something of great value, except insofar as you may value beautiful things made by nature over the course of many thousands of years. 

If you would like to see the jewelry, please click
here.  We are selling them for $20.00 each unless another price is specified.  Any sort of necklace would work, but you might want to stick with something simple.  We include an adjustable leather or satin necklace with each stone for no additional charge.

If you would like to understand our thinking behind the various categories that we have assigned to the jewelry -- picture stones, rainbow stones, healing stones, survivor stones and heart stones -- please click

If you would like to see the sculptures, please click here.

If you see a piece of jewelry or sculpture that you like, e-mail us by clicking


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