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Randh71productions has a very simple origin.  The R is for Rothman, Anne Rothman to be precise.  The H is for Hicks, and that would be Ken Hicks.  These two were married in 1971, which is the date they have used for the business name, although they actually began their collaboration in college when they joined in an independent study class to write a children's book, about which concept Haverford College had no problem, but which project caused Bryn Mawr all sorts of conniptions.  "How will we give you a grade?" they asked.  Which says it all about the difference between Haverford and Bryn Mawr, at least in those days when dinosaurs still walked the earth.

We have been writing books together for quite a while, with varying degrees of success.  If you try really hard, you can find Theft of the Shroud, a paperback published by Dell.  We also wrote a series of books on children's names and a book on the Stars called, Starfinder.  We keep writing because we enjoy it and we never stop hoping that someone, someday, will see something we wrote and say, "Where have you been hiding all these years?"  We plan to answer, "In plain sight."


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