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Sometimes a stone is too large to wear around your neck and has such an unusual shape or pattern that it seems to ask to be positioned with another stone or group of stones or some other object found alone the beach.  Since we always do what our stones ask us to do (within reason) we have made a group of sculpures and sculptural objects that can hang on your wall or be placed on a bookshelf.  Usually, we have given the stone a name that reflects what drew us to the stone in the first place.  The first one we'd like you to see is a stone that leapt out at us at the beach one day and said, "I'm not just a beach stone, I'm a Jean Arp sculpture, or maybe something dashed off by Henry Moore."  In miniature, of course.  At most, this item, which is displayed on a piece of driftwood, is only about three inches tall and four inches long. We hope you like it.  If you do, it's for sale for $35.  Just contact us at Ken@randh71productions.com.  We will make arrangements with you by email or telephone.  Your choice.  Others of this type are also available for prices that vary as indicated.  Enjoy!  Click on a name and you can see more information. 

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