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The Meditating Monk was lying there in the sand one day when we were walking along the beach.  It was obvious that this was not an ordinary stone (if there is such a thing) but that it was the image of a person (lets not get sexist here) in a monk's robe with the cowl pulled up around his or her head.  All the monk needed was a place to sit, (and this is where it gets kind of mysterious and spooky).  Previously, we had picked up stones along the beach and really had no idea why since they were too big to wear around the neck as jewelry, were not particularly striking in shape or color, but still managed to convince us to hold onto them.  Among these stones, we found one that was the Meditating Monk's seat.  It was obvious.  It might as well have had a sign hanging on it.  Here I am.  This one is $30.  Click on the name of another stone to learn more about it. 
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