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Street Art Street Art is as accidental as it gets.  Some paint is dripped on the street, the sidewalk cracks, someone fills in a hole -- without even trying they have made ART. And some of the art is better than what you have to pay for in a gallery.  With real money.
Carved Stone Faces All of the faces are from buildings in New York City.  The guy in the middle looks like he was just accused of cheating at cards.  Around him are smaller images of other faces, male, female and uncertain, along with other images of animals and strange beings.
Heart Photos The images in this category are all images from hearts that were found on the streets and sidewalks of New York and are made up of broken concrete, bubble gum, paper, spilled paint and all nature of things that are dropped onto the ground by New Yorkers.  The difference is that these chance spills took the form of hearts.  And seeing all those hearts on the streets of New York, the Gritty City, is sort of nice.


Picture Stones The images in this part of the Accidental Art Gallery are all of stones that were found on the beaches of Cape Cod and which had a picture on them.  Spoiler alert! Sometimes, you may have to use your imagination.  We have published a book with many of these images.  Look for it in the Apple iBookstore -- Picture Stones!
Nature's Stone Faces A friend of mine, Bob Bell, saw some of the Picture Stones and sent me two pictures which have required the start of this new category.  I don't really like the name -- it doesn't begin to convey the strangeness of these images.
Sightings These are photographs by Bob Bell of the weird and the wonderful things that we stumble upon in our daily lives.  Keep your eyes open!.
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